Sunday Wrap

The weather here in New York has been frightful.  One week it was 90 degrees and literally the next morning it was 65 degrees. This week we dealt with rain storms full of strong winds.  My footwear and wardrobe was not ready for the change as well.  My mentality isn’t either.

It was almost as if the first day of fall mother nature decided to truly throw fall at us.

This week was all about my family.  It’s nothing new for me to write about them; the difference being that I wrote about how the things that went on in my life taught me lessons to get further in my life as I go on.

There are some other things that happen this week that made me look hard at the people I work with.  Those who do not understand other cultures really probably should not speak on other cultures.  That is the biggest lesson in life that I have learned personally and in social (sociology) courses.

A coworker made a reference to her living across the street from a Section 8 housing area and that it seemingly made her uncomfortable.  I didn’t want to take it personally but I had to let her know that putting people in a category because of where they live is a stupid move to make.  I know many people who are college educated, working, smart individuals who may have fallen in to a temporary situation where they needed assistance which has led them to living in a Section 9 housing complex.  This is New York City.  There are more people struggling day to day then there are people sitting back without a care in the world.

Stop judging people.  I have two college degrees.  Preparing for a third.  I have had the ability to work with great organizations but I am struggling and my day to day life is not easy.  I never judge anyone because of where they live.  Your actions speak louder than anything.  Not your address, your past or what you are going through at the moment.  It is what you are doing to change those things; if you aren’t where you want to be.

Then I realized that it would’ve gone into one ear and out the other.  She is a young, inexperienced young lady in life.  I cannot fault her for her inability to open her eyes to the things that are going on around her.  It just hurts me because she is of a community that is constantly judged, misunderstood, hated and pushed out just because of whom they love.

I just hope that it will all come together for her.  No judgement against her, just hope that she gets some life experience in the real world.

Dealing with her assisted in my love of self.  I know that where you are, who you were and the past does not have to interpret anything.  It is sad that people choose the outside to judge what goes on on the inside. Bless her heart.

I end this week with the hope that one day we will all allow deeper insight to help in making decisions about those around them and not the first look.  Otherwise we will miss out on so much.  I am proud of showing my vulnerability to the world but also showing the strength my troubles have built.  I also end this week determined to have another successful, productive one to follow.

Enjoy, all of you.  Be safe.  Be open minded.  Be productive.  And take steps to all achieve all of your goals.


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