Lesson Three…SELF LOVE


You learn love as you grow.  It starts in the womb.  You come out knowing the love that your parents, especially your mom, has for you.

Then as you grow you learn about love from the feeling that your family gives you.  The feeling that they show you, the feelings that you feel from them.

Well, what if you grew up in the opposite situation.  Those that you loved were telling others how pretty they, how smart they were, how talented they were.  They were telling them how proud of them they were.  Basically, everything that someone is looking to hear from family members.  Even if you are sure that you have the skills, as a child it is nice to have the reassurance from those around you.  Without it, it leads to you looking at yourself and wondering am I pretty, smart, talented.  Or worst wondering if they are proud of you, love you or think you are worth it.

After a while a strong sense of self loath can kick in.  You have to tell yourself that that is not the case.

Take it upon yourself to realize that you are beautiful.  You are smart.  You are talented.  You need to be proud of yourself because you made that accomplishment happen.

All the things that you have done, won and see as a step in the direction that you want to go.  You did it!  Loving yourself is most important when you feel at your worst.  Those days that you are just down.  The love that you have for yourself is something that will get you through every move you take in your life.

I will forever resent growing up without the love of my family.  But without the lesson I learned from not getting it, I would never understand that a child is a gift.  That the love you receive from a child is one that is true.  I would never understand the way that I want and expect to be love in the future.  I would have never learned my worth.  The talents, dreams and goals that I have I would not have fought so hard for.  They all started when I realized that I didn’t need the love of those around me to know I’m worth all things good.  had to let myself know that I was worth it, love myself and let the bright star that I am shine through.



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