Lesson Two…HONESTY


Being honest to anyone is the best thing.  You always hear the one liners, “You can’t handle the truth”, “I didn’t lie.  I just didn’t tell you the whole truth”, or “I just think you were ready for the truth”.  There are a few more that I could think of that I have heard throughout my life.  What I will say is that because of the things that I have personally gone through and seen my friends go through — I believe that honesty is the best way to go.

There is a difference between rude honesty and just telling the truth.  You do not have to be disrespectful to get truth across.  I promise you that the way that you tell the truth will assist in how I handle it.

My life changed because of lies and animosity towards two different families and adults — it effected me, the child in the situation.  I found out about a lot on my own because I rethought the stories that were told to me.  I used my memories, legal paperwork and the stories to create a full picture and figure out what was the different truths.  His truth, her truth and the real truth.

What I learned is that there have been many lies surrounding my upbringing.  There have been a lot of skipped over details that never were presented to me.  It is not fair for a child to find out the true details of its life by going into a court house at the age of 19.  That’s the honest truth.

I am now at the point that I feel I could never trust anyone.  Which is not a wall that you want.  It creates a challenge for anyone that comes into your life and even for the person themselves.  You tell yourself that the emotions you feel may not truly being that truth.  It may just be how you feel right now and you’ll feel that opposite in a few days.

Tell those that you love, tell everyone the truth.  Being honest with one another never allows for a negative feeling or negative tension to enter the room.  If clears the air for where each one of you stand with one another.  Even if you walk away from one another for good.  The respect for the truth, for your honesty will be there.

Who wants to live on a lie?


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