How do you keep your patience?

Is it something you are just learning to do?  Or have you been able to keep yourself together repeatedly.

Sometimes in your living situation may have an impact on your ability to maintain patience.  As this quote says “Everything is difficult before it is easy.”  that is the truth.

The life that I have lived has not been the easiest.  Even to this point right now.  There are the difficulties to my day to day.  Most of difficulties growing up were significantly with my own family members.  Things were harsh, loveless, and emotionally draining.

I used to get upset about everything.  I had a quick temper, when I was younger, until I got it under control.  I realized that I was spending a lot of time being a angry young woman because of all the hurt that I had suffered from.  In dealing with my need for patience I found a better version of myself.  A version that was able to realize that though my anger was directed at the right people, it wouldn’t change what I had been through.  I needed to allow it to make a better version of myself.

I needed to have the patience to notice that things were rough.  It would probably be a while before I could them to where I wanted them to be.  But I had to do the work to get there.  While on this path, I also realized that I would need the same patience I used with them to be successful in the things that I was trying to achieve.

Patience, allows you to see a bigger picture.  It helps you to not just stare at what is in front of you causing the problem.  It gives you the opportunity to see the whole thing.  The possible consequences to whatever action you take, what are your options and which one could be the best for you.

Be patient and it will all fall into place the way that it should.


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