Motivation Monday…What My Family Taught Me


i always talk about my family.  I do not always do it, in the greatest light.  We all have our reasons for how we talk about our “loved ones”.

This week I want to acknowledge some of the things that I have learned because of all the stuff that I have gone through with them.

Those include three big lessons.  Each day I will write about one of them.  Patience, Honesty and Self love.

My family is not the best.  I don’t even know if I want to say they are pretty good.  At least not today any way.

There have been many negative things that have impacted the way that I am as a person today.  It took an effect on me my whole life.  I had my angry moments, my depressed state of mind, my dark state; one day when I had my separation and time, I began to find my path out of the dark and began walking to the light of positivity.  Now today, it gets closer and closer.

Some ask if I ever wish I could have had another life.  I tell them I’m not sure, that’s the honest truth.  Depends on when they ask.  I may be having a good day and say no because I could’ve had worst.  There are days that I may say yes because I know there is always a possibility that life could have been better with people who loved me.

The one thing that I definitely know is that the lessons I have learned may not have had the mature affect that I have received.

Now, let’s get into those lessons.  First one up, Patience.


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