Feature Friday…Happy Desk Happy Work

Look at your work area.

Does it consist of only paperwork, coffee cups or stirrers?  It is just your pens, pencils and a boring basic stapler?  

Tell me, what happened to your personality?  I hope that in your short or long time working you have forgotten who you are.  There are ways to have the things you need and still have them fitting to who you are.  Whether you are a 9 to 5 or you are running the whole business.

Desk Accessories

Just because you may only need the basic, that doesn’t nean that it has to be basic, boring and disappearing into the computer.  


Adorable, efficient items like the file folders, pencils, pencil holder and more can be found at such retailers as Target, UrbanGirl, ContainerStore, and more.  Your basic black items cane even be spray painted if to add some pizzazz.


Okay, we all do not have a green thumb.  So “life” may have a tendency to die.  There are shrubbery that would look awesome on your desk.  It doesnt need too much maintenance, if any.

  Like this pretty Echeveria.  It brings a hint of color.  No need for too much maintain.  Keep the soil moist and light nearby. It will miss you while you’re gone but won’t be gone on you.  I have seen these succulents at locations like Home Depot, Costco and garden shops.  

Family/Friend Reminders

You have a life outside of the office.  Regardless of your position.  Remind yourself of that.  Now, I am not saying put a photo album on your space.  There are very simple device for that.  Some of us put photos on to our desktop as the screensaver.  Let’s be real, how often do you stop to just let those pictures flow for a few minutes where you’re not on a phone call, a quick pow wow at your cubicle or running to get some lunch or a meeting. 

My favorite is a digital photo frame. The photos are constantly interchangeable.  They change so often, you’ll have something to smile about each time you look up. 


These can be found at BestBuy, Target, Walmart, almost everywhere you can get electronics. 


Tell me your thoughts

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