My Work in 2015…

I started this year hoping that I was going to have a job in media or communications prior to graduating.  I applied to jobs in between classes, on the weekends, constantly changing the style, editing and more editing of my resume and cover letter.  I took it as a lesson that right at that moment I was not supposed to get a job in my schedule. I had a internship, 6 classes, and my schedule just really didn’t allow for it.  Unless it was part time.

 Graduation was coming.  I passed all of my courses.  Managed to get my second Bachelors degree two years after the first and keep a majority of my sanity.  But I was stressing because now I have to put all of that information that I learned to work. How? I couldn’t get a job in this crazy overcrowded city.  

So, I started asking people I know about entry level openings where they worked.  I applied to clothing stores.  One actually told me that I had too much education and experience for the position I had applied for.  I was like “wtf” — that is actually what I said out loud when I read it.  I had never heard or read such a thing. I wanted to cry.  I told myself if a clothing store could say that then what was the point.

I knew I just wanted a job right out on my own.  Then my aunt, who is a big influence on me (shhh she doesnt know that), told me to just try to get a job through a temp or staffing agency.  That was how she got her last permanent job for almost six years. So a week before graduation I put in my resume with a one (okay, a few) and got a call to come in for a meeting the week after.  I told myself that I had to be open minded for this to really work.

I graduated on a Thursday.  I went in for my meeting on a Tuesday.  I got a contract on Wednesday and started working the next Thursday.  So, a week after graduating I had a gig!


It started with NARS.  Throughout the summer I have had the opportunity to work in many functions within the Communications department.  It was amazing just to have the chance to say I worked with a great organization and an amazing group of knowledgable people whenever they asked or needed someone.  It was the best way for me to start my summer.

I knew I could take direction and handle any project handed to me.  Which made working with NARS even better.  They never babysat me.  They trusted me, my abilities and my belief in confidentiality.  That’s why you aren’t getting any juicy details LoL.

Now, I wanted to lean more into my leadership qualifications.  That is when Micro Office came in to play for me.


While there I basically ran the location.  I was there on my own.  The owner of the company would come in periodically to check on the location, the “tenants” and how things were going.  But that location was all mine.  I locked and opened the doors.  Received the mail and packages.  Greeted potentials, provided information and tours.  During the hours of 9am to 5pm that was my house.  I ran it.  

It was great to be responsible for how things ran, how and when they got fixed.  Everything.  It was exciting.  Those who were above me located at the other locations appreciated all of the work that I put in and my effort.  The tenants liked me, as much as I did them.  When I left, one of them became my first client as a Social Media Coordinator.  It has been great so far.  

Immediately after I finished with Micro Office.  I found myself where I am now, where I will be finishing this year.  Penguin Random House. 


Being a part of the Penguin Random House is great.  I have been wanting to be a part of it since before graduating from school.  I knew that they handled many deals for books that I love like THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN and THE POWER PLAYBOOK.  We know that those are my favorite books right now. 
I cannot discuss what we are doing here.  But I will say that it is a great large project that I am happy to be a part of.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I get to go to the take shelves and get great books to take home. 


That is just some of the books I got in my first week of being there.
This year, I was so worried about me not being to find a new job.  And I was lucky enough to have a few amazing ones.  

I’ve had a great work year for 2015.  Have you?  Where are you working? Is it new?  Is it exciting?


Tell me your thoughts

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