Workplace…Your Corporate Environment

I have been working since I was 14 years old.  I have worked in many different environments.  There was something about the corporate one.

It may have been all the “take your daughter to work” days.  Or it may have just been that my grandmother worked for the Federal Reserve and i used to spend a lot of time there as a kid.  I have noticed that there are different types of corporate environments.  For me each one had a different impact on how I worked.

afa6e055d00b9c27facd7d9a190cab03Corporate Conventional/Formal:

(Conventional, Investigative, Enterprising)

This is the environment you see in such television series like Suits.

This is the A typical corporate work environment.  In my many years of working I have had experience in this culture.  It is formal attire — which some would say you should consider minimal makeup, basic attire filled with sheath dresses, suits and pencil skirts.  Where you either pull your hair back into a bun, it smooth straight.  The guys are clean cut and shaven. They are in two or three piece suits depending on their position.  As in any workplace there are seeming politics pertaining to how things work.

The thing about the environment is that it can seem to be stiff and very serious.  The thing is that this environment can create two types of people.  Someone who is the epitome of “work hard play hard”.  This person puts in the time for work and definitely puts in the time for partying and relaxing.  This can create a truly unhealthy person.  They can end up buying out their systems not from partying but not from balancing life out better.

It can also create a person who is miserable and just angry about life.  They take the frustration out on those around them because they have no time for life outside.  Their 9 to 5, is truly like a 24 hour ordeal.

I personally, had no issues in this area.  I have always made sure that when I felt as though I was burning out my system, I would make sure to take time for myself.  Making sure that I worked to take care of myself was important but also being alive to enjoy the things that I have provided is slightly important as well.

story_creating-an-office-for-work-and-play_image_726x726Corporate Casual:

(Artistic, Social, Realistic)

When I think of this environment or culture, I think of Google.

I cannot lie about this.  This is my favorite environment to work in.  I have been able to have many jobs in these types of environments.  It is casual.  It is comfortable.  The work is what is concentrated on.  The capability to do the job.

Depending on your personality can tell if this is something you can handle.  I have worked with children, which makes this environment easy for me to be in.  The reason I use this to compare is because there is a lot going on when you are working in that type of environment; as long as you can be productive and make sure the job is done at the end of the day among the energy — you can withstand it.

There are many more cultures/environments that can be discussed — even these can be looked deeper in to.

For instance on sources of insight has an article on personality and work environment types.  Check it out.  To better understand the names of the environments that I used; check out pseducraft — where they discuss a sort of assessment for where your personality would/could place you.

Do you know the best work environment/culture for your personality?


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