Motivation Monday…The Work Place


It’s Monday, you walk into your place of work and you feel…

Have you ever thought about it?  The thought of what it feels like to walk into the place that is either new to you or you are accustomed to.

For some there is that feeling that you are in an amazing place.  You love it and look forward to being there.  The hours don’t matter.  The people are great and you are inspired to get so much done.  Your productivity has been off the roof.

What about the other side of this type of office.

The work space where you take ten deep breaths before you walk in.  You dig deep to find a large amount of positivity to bring in with you.  Then you walk in.  You put on a smiling face though you may want to hurl on someone else. Or hurl someone on to someone else.

It’s the environment, it is the people.  It brings on bad energy.  It has the ability to bring you down.  You try to spend your time working, getting things done but it is not really working.  The minute you look up it all becomes reality again.  The people who talk about one another to each others face.  The receptionist who never sends your calls through but leaves early.  The mail person who undoubtedly walks back and forth pass you before giving you the mail though it was on the type the whole time.

The workplace can make so much to you.  It will either be good or bad.  It will effect your abilities as a worker.  So many office politics in the corporate environment, not all of them, but a good number.

I want to create an environment where no one feels as though they are targeted.  I want it to be a company that feels like a family that works hard together to achieve the mission set forth.  There will be no one targeted in my space.  Or feeling like they cannot do what they love to do.

My Motivation Monday is the Work Place, and trying to make sure that the work place is one of productivity, positivity and film of creativity.


Tell me your thoughts

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