Interim Fall Season ’15


It is September.  It is falling into Fall slowly.  Though it is a bit humid, there is a slight breeze at night.  It cools you off from the heat wave of the day.

This in between — summer and fall is a beautiful weather scenario here in New York.  It is when leaves start to turn.  It is when the new fall wardrobe is pulled out of storage.

Though, physically the weather that comes after is something that I cannot handle.  Creatively, it brings wonderful imagScott-Newly-Appointed-Director-of-the-Brooklyn-Museum-2-1200ery for photographs, for writing or just to be somewhere else when I need to be elsewhere mentally.

The brightness of the colors of the leaves as they change.  The quietness of the Fall evenings after all the kids are home and there is no more running around.  It is full of peace.  You can see the amazing abilities of mother nature.  It is an opportunity to look at your home in a different season.
You can live somewhere for years, relive the same four seasons but I guarantee it will give you a new visual effect.  Whether it is because you are at a different place in your life personally, you moved to a new neighborhood, or you see something that you have never paid attention to before.  It becomes something else.

In New York — we have Fashion Week.  The collage in the parks.  The great exhibits at the museums. This fall; though not quite here yet, will be a good one.




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