The First Day of School


Today in the NorthEast we are starting primary school today.

We have had college students, some charter and private schools have begun.  Now the remainder will begin.

Today, as I go on to work I know that two important young women in my life are going to begin school.  My first born, first cousin is starting the fifth grade.  Here that means she is beginning the end to her career as a primary school student.  Soon to be graduating and preparing for middle school.  Then there is my mentee.  She is beginning her senior year of high school and getting ready for college.

I am so proud of these two ladies because they are brilliant, smart, beautiful young ladies.  I am looking forward to enjoying this school year with them.

Seeing the children going back to school for the first time brings back memories of me and my friends when we were getting ready for school.

I am so proud of all the kids going back to school.  I hope that they all have a wonderful school year.  That they learn everything that their brains can take in.  I know they can accomplish everything that they put their mind to.  May they remember that and go for it.



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