The Final Summer Holiday


Yesterday was Labor Day.

For many, mostly students, it defines the end of summer.  Now you know that you are really back into the swing of classes.

It is time to really have all your school supplies, uniforms and textbooks.  You hope that your teacher or professor will stay as nice as they did on the first day.  That may not be what is going to happen — but hey the hope is there.

Labor Day celebrates so much here in New York.  It was Labor Day celebrating our businesses and the changes of the growth and expansion in life here.  It is also a big deal for those out here in Brooklyn. We hold our own celebration of the culture that so many of us or our ancestors have left behind.  We celebrate the caribbean life lines.  We celebrate the whole weekend.  The festivities start Friday and sometimes goes till Tuesday morning.

It is the busiest most exciting weekend.  It is the one weekend where we all come together have one big party.  We enjoy the end of the summer together.  We make new friends and get to enjoy old ones we may not have seen this summer.

To think this may be my last Labor Day here.

I hope that regardless of if you are a resident of New York City or not, I hope that you enjoyed your friends, family and your whole summer.



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