The Girl On The Train…Book Review

There is something that I hope you all can tell about me already.  I love to read.

Right after I completed La La Anthony’s “The POWER Playbook”, I picked up another recent purchase that was waiting for me to start diving in to.  It was Paula Hawkins “The Girl On The Train”.  Let me tell you, what a good thriller.

It truly was a thriller.  Seriously, look it up, it is. But it had a very much taste of real life to it.  It was a fiction writing but could well enough have been someone’s real life — which is probably why it kept my interest so strongly.  It made the 45 minute train ride to work much shorter…in both directions.

The lifestyles of the characters were very realistic.  They all had characteristics of people that I knew.  The characters brought my imagination alive on the train.  I could see Rachel, the main character, doing the things as described in the book.

I do not want to give anything away because it is truly a page turning.  The Girl on the Train in no form or fashion is it boredom in a big book.  It is imagination at its greatest.

Check out the book!! 91lUeBR2G1L


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