La La Anthony Book “The POWER Playbook” Review…In Whole


After weeks I finally (sadly) finished The POWER Playbook.

Yep,  I bought it in June and just finished.  Not because I’m a slow reader or the book was bad but because the book is opposite.  Every time I read it I found to have some thought provoking ideas.

A few I have thought of before.  A few that crossed my mind but the idea was foggy.  She gave quotes and real life stories to equate to the meaning which made it more awesome.  I deeply enjoyed the read.

La La; a fellow Cancerian, felt like an older sister speaking to me.  One I wish I had.

I’ll share six quotes and a solid theory (I imagined to only share three).  If I do more it’ll end up being the whole book.

Here we go:

 “I am enough.”

-Chapter One

“There are two was to choose your career path.  Follow others expectations and examples or follow your own interests, talents, and passions.”

-Chapter Two

“What separates people who are successful from people who spend their lives wishing and hoping something magical will happen but somehow never does, is fear.”

-Chapter Three

“Being a people pleaser and a doormat is being powerless.  Don’t let your kindness be a weakness.”

-Chapter Four

“This work is not about reaching a monetary goal.  It’s always about the work, the opportunities, meeting new people, spending time with great people, and producing great works.”

-Chapter Twelve

“I never want to be complacent.  I never want to sit back and say, ‘This is my life.’ And that’s it.”

-Chapter Thirteen

There is one that I thought needed to be on its own.  As a theory.  Myself, being a woman and all could understand this all.  La La Anthony quoted Gabrielle Union (Wade) from her speech at the 2013 Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon hosted by Essence Magazine.

“Real fierce and fearless women…celebrate and compliment other women and we recognize and embrace the notion that their shine in no way diminishes our light, and actually makes our light shine brighter.”

Power, success, achievement, goal getting is not just about being greedy, mischievous, nasty, mean or backstabbing.  There are more blessings in grace, kindness and gratitude.

Thanks La La Anthony



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