Think of Them


Your best friend from elementary school is sleeping on the bench in the school park


Your coworker is sleeping in his car because his salary doesn’t cover the rent that continues to climb besides it


That little kid you saw on the train is going to bed hungry because the only meal his/her mom can afford comes from the school since she gets paid the state minimum wage


That girl that graduated from college with you is going to try to sign up for Public Assistance because she cannot find a job, to find out that since she does not have a child and is able bodied the city cannot help me.


While you are upset that the manicurist messed up the shape of your nails that girl standing in front of the bank just found out that a hacker took all of the money out of her account and yesterday she lost her job.  There is now no money and no income.


That homeless man you saw, was found by his family who had been looking for him for months.  He had been beaten up by a group of teenagers who just wanted something to do.

Everyday, we all have our struggles or problems to deal with.  There is always someone who is definitely living harder than you are.  Think about what you are upset about and then remember that there is always someone in a worst position then you are.  Thank whomever you deem as your most high that you have the ability to do so much when there are some who have less then a little.


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