Giving Back To The Common Good

…its most exact definition, its highest point, namely, the seeking of the common good…for nothing can so make a person an imitator of Christ as caring for his neighbors.

There has always been something in me that has always made me want to be someone who can give back and to the community and the people I love in my life.  I am always trying to find some type of way to help someone out — whether it is by just being an ear or trying to provide different options for the things (without telling them what to do).  Your life your choice.  But helping is a big thing that i believe in.

Lately, I have been thinking about how I can really make a change.  That one person can truly make a change.  This feeling has hit harder everyday for the last year since someone that I care about life has taken an unexpected, unforeseen change.  Over the last two years things have him…I cannot put in to words.  I went from watching him cook dinners in his kitchen to watching him trash pick to eat.  The minute I saw him do that, I started to cry and I knew that there had to be something I could do.

I had a conversation with a family member about him (they know him).  We talked about how the homelessness in our city is beyond the numbers that anyone thinks they are.  There are people who work in professional places who sleep in their cars at night and shower in the gym the next morning.  There are families living in shelters that they have to fight to get in to.  There are young men and women who cannot get jobs sleeping on trains or in train stations or in parks.  They only get some type of comfort during the spring and the summer because the weather is so beautiful and it is easier (supposedly, I’ve been told).

There has always been something I have wanted to do to help them  — I just never knew how.  There needs to be more affordable housing (that is really affordable).  There needs to be better built shelters for men, women, families and domestic violence victims.  There are people struggling out here in this golden city and the those in the golden city aren’t paying attention or doing anything about it.

The one, most surprising act of kindness I have seen in a long time is the police officer who sat with a homeless person, brought them a meal and ate with them.  Something as simple as that is a good deed, small and simple but so surprising in this world because of the times that we live in.  Giving to…anyone seems not normal.  I don’t think that the world should be like that.  Yet, there are so many things going on that I think shouldn’t be.  But we won’t go there

I have to find ways to give back.  I have always found ways to give back to the community by working with the kids of the future.  But now maybe, I need to devote time to the present.  I have to find ways to have my reach and abilities mean something.

Do you have any ideas where I can give back?


Tell me your thoughts

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