Feature Friday…Back to School Cool


You want to be prepared but not blend in — right?  Where is the fun in that?

I found some pretty cool essentials while helping my sisters and cousins look for supplies to start the new school year right.  Thought to share it with you guys.


Your notebook is where everything that matters this semester is going to start.  In your notes.  Trust me, something from three months prior to that test will come back up.  Why not put it in a binder that is bright, fun and makes you want to write in it.  Yoobi and Usher came together to create a slew of awesome school supplies.


I currently am using a Macbook and previously owned a PC (the name not be released) and I will say that I have been having way more fun with my MAC.  Though for some it may seem like a pricey purchase, but with stores like Best Buy and your student discount — you have the ability to get a great laptop for a much better price.  The light weight, durable laptop I was able to carry year round without feeling as though I was carrying a boulder.


You do not always want to carry a purse.  There are going to be those days where you know that you aren’t going to do anything in school.  One class may be watching a movie and one may be you watching a test and another may be you just have to turn in a paper.  I have had days like this.  The laptop case will carry the paper that you still have to finish that last paragraph to reach the qualification.  This cute one I found on Amazon.  It holds not just my Macbook but it also holds writing utensil, and a few papers if I need it to.

4.  BAG

I love a good bag.  Trust I have two large boxes full of purses.  There was one purse I purchased that is classic, goes through the seasons and worth every penny.  That would be my Tory Burch Large York Tote.  During my time in school this bag carried my Mac, my books, supplies and even snacks.  After purchasing my Tory Burch I used it more than any other purse that I had in my closet.


Ashley Brooke Designs has the cutest mugs, travel mugs, tumblers and more.  But for me having the Going Places Travel Mug is an essential.  Those early mornings are going to lead to late nights, whether you are studying or going to work afterwards.  This travel mug designed by Ashley Brooke is cute, will keep your hands warm and eco-friendly.  Why wouldn’t you want to use it?

I’ll throw in one extra.


We all know the amount of things that we carry in our bags when we go to school.  The one thing that we can almost say we know is we strongly may lose our id.  Plus, when we run to school we may not want to carry a large wallet either.  This Coach Mini Skinny ID Case is colorful, pretty and holds the things that you need most of the time — Id, Credit/Debit card, Metrocard and it also has a key ring to keep your keys (car or home) in one spot.


Tell me your thoughts

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