Professor Shout Out…Part Three (Finale)


Disclaimer:  This list is not done in any order except as the names came to me.  I say that because this is the third and final part of this Professor Shout Out.

I always started my semesters the same way. Hoping that the professors would be awesome in some frame.  I do no look at the reviews of professors.  I always find that those who put up reviews, bad reviews are the only ones that go up.

J. Thompson

I could tell by the way he talked this was going to be a very structured course.  As some of the class joked, he spoke with a great vocabulary, enunciation, a clear tone for his strong manly voice.  HA.  All it really was, was that he believed in speaking clearly.  To get your thought across precisely as you desired.  Plus, it was a Comm 101, I don’t know what they expected of him.  The biggest lesson I learned was to pay attention to how you may or do come across when communicating with others; whether family, friends, coworkers and strangers.  The power of your ability to be clear and concise, is the most important.

E. Alterman

I mean if you are going to take a Press In America course, shouldn’t it be taught by a professor from the press.  Someone whose career dictates the most.  Well, that was Eric Alterman.  He is an author, journalist, traveler, professor and no-bullshit’ter’.  (Yes, I know that is not a word).  Almost like with Dunphy there was a strong comprehension on the growth of the mediums of today.  From the penny press to the $2.50 newspapers, from AM local radio to Sirius satelitte, and the list goes on.  Even to now where there seems to be a settling of the dust in the industry of the new mediums.  A great example was him showing one of my fave documentaries (I personally watched it before even taking the course) Page One: Inside the New York Times.  Professor Alterman made you think about the world of the press, the news, not just to read it; but to see it for the gold that it is. Time really couldn’t stand still if there was no one recording it.  We would (are) lost without the true understanding of history.  We won’t know where we are going, how we got where we are and how to try to avoid the same mistakes.

I have two degrees so there are too many professors to thank.  It would take months to do them all.  The ones that I have written about in these last three post are from the most recent degree achievement.

If you are in any type of schooling, if your teacher/professor says something that ignites a passion in you.  Make sure that you let them know.  We give them headaches just as much as they give us.  Oh, and remember they were once us too.




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