Professor Shout Out…Pt. 2


Disclaimer: This list is not done in any order except as the names came to me.  I say that because there will be three for each part.

I always start my semesters the same way.  I do not look at the reviews of professors.  I always find that those who put up reviews, bad reviews are the only ones that go up.

D. Shottenkirk

Some would probably say she was a bit eccentric and that she wanted a lot.  But what she really wanted was not too much.  The things that many wanted to complain about she was lenient about the assignments and the dates.  But I always made sure my stuff was on time and to the description set.  I had the opportunity to learn about a country that I have had always wanted to know about weirdly — Uzbekistan.  I actually learned a fair amount in her class as well.  She taught Communication Ethics and she definitely believed that there should be an ethical standard for everyone.  The readings she had us do made us think of the ethical theories of others and then look into ourselves to define our own ethical boundaries.  Dig her.

K. Murray

Professor Murray.  A smart, sweet and petite Media Lawyer for a number of years, to a great deal of a large organizations.  Thus, she was my professor for Communications Law & Policy.  Oh, and I was a part of her first experience as a Professor.  How awesome was that.  Media law was something that I wanted to get a deeper understanding of and luckily it was a requirement.  She was the perfect professor because she asked us questions about what we thought about recent happenings in the media.  Connect it to a theory of discussion and it made connecting how to follow the law more relatable for us for wherever our careers took us.

E. Brauner

This professor was my Sociology professor.  If you cannot tell by now I have this love of learning about different cultures.  Hope to one day have the ability to just travel.  That would be awesome.  It is even more in line with what was discussed in the course because though we may be born the same, the goal is to acknowledge the differences that our environment and culture bring our way.  The language, the clothing, the way they eat — everything is effected by everything.  It is highly important not to just respect it but understand it.

I am kinda feeling like a nerd.  But I am proud of my smarts.  And I am proud to have had the professors that I have had along the way.

*On the Part Three.



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