Professor Shout Out…Pt 1


Disclaimer: This list is not done in any order except as the names came to me.  I say that because there will be three for each part.  

I always start my semesters the same way.  I do not look at the reviews of professors.  I always find that those who put up reviews, bad reviews are the only ones that go up.

B. Dunphy

Prof. Dunphy or Dunphy as we call him was something to look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday night.  It was a three hour class and yet, I loved it.  He had an energy about him that made it so you took the work in.  There are three things that Dunphy gave me — blogging, House of Cards, and my love for media.  I always knew that there were many mediums but dealing with him made me really love the history of it.  The fighting men of radio, the father of PR and so much more.  I went to my first serious event at my school because it was required of his course.  Yet, I do not regret it.  It was a sort of round Q&A with professionals in different mediums.  It was exciting to hear their story and their love.  It ignited my love.  And hopefully I will have an amazing story like theirs in the future.

K. Fry

From the minute I decided to go back to school for a second degree, I could not wait to get to Professor Fry’s class.  She is actually a professor that I heard so much positivity about.  I was hoping to get her.  Plus, she was the Chairman at the time.  Hello, who wouldn’t want to impress the Chairman.  She was my professor for Communications Research.  In her class she taught me better steps to make it possible to achieve a better research result.  Where I could make it narrower.  Not being swamped with 1,000’s or 10,000’s of results possible in research.  I enjoyed her class because it also allowed me to work on my writing and presentation skills.  I make jokes when I am nervous which worked in class, but it was something that I learned about myself in her class.  I also learned that I love to do the research.  I love to be intrigued by something that I do not know much about and that it means something to mean to hear what the audience has to say about what they are being hit with — in any form.  I think it is also amazing to understand how the work you do has the possibility to effect someone else in the near future; maybe even another student.

J. Forlano

What can I say about Forlano.  Oh, I know.  She is passionate, driven and determined.  I had many struggles during my spring semester — so I missed a few days, but she had an impact on me.  She made me realize the difference between being content and conditioned with the things that are going on around me.  Being one of Forlano students is the reason that I looking for a way to make a difference.  That is something she always said to us.  Don’t just want a change be the change.  Create the change.  In a generation all about media, the best way to reach them right now is how they network, watch, read and listen.  Reach out.  Thank you professor Forlano.

All of these professors have careers outside of the classroom that I had the pleasure to meet them in.



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