Feature Friday…Lifetime’s Escaping Polygamy


Lifetime (specifically Lifetime Movie Network) has a new doc series called Escaping Polygamy.  It comes on Tuesdays at 10pm.  I am not a culture basher because I personally have not lived that life.  In my cultural psychology course my professor said to us ‘Acknowledging is not how you respect a culture you don’t know.  Learning the culture is how you do that.’  This show deals with those trying to escape the culture of the polygamist lifestyle from a The Order or The Kingston’s.  It is the reality of what the original three sister who help those escape on the show do.  They are called outsiders by their previous religion.  Their families do not recognize that they exist.  The life and people that they grew up knowing, no longer know or acknowledge them.  They are nothing to them.  Yet, these women went on with their life and have been successful in living outside.  Now, they help those who want out…out.

Below are the names of the girls and a brief look into their stories:

Coming up next week is the sixth episode and it is dealing with the youngest among the group.  It saddens me because there is a supposed suicide pact between the children of the Kingston Clan.  These particular girls have already lost a half sister to the pact because she couldn’t get out. This I am assuming will be a hard case to handle because Utah laws for minors as runaways are harsh even if it can be proven that the children are being abused.  They have to go back.  There has to be some way.  The girls will figure out how.  I am looking forward to figuring out what they do.  Losing children is heart breaking.


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