Is Social Media Really Safe for Social Networking?

The world of social media is supposed to have this ability to meet new people and reacquaint yourself with other friends.

But today it seems is a place where people put more hate out then anything else. We all have made decisions in our own lives to lead.  Whether it be about career, education…whatever.  It has all been our choice.  So, why is it that we feel that we have the right to judge one another.  These networks were created to bring people together — yet there are more issues arising.

I do not know if it is because I am getting older or just my social consciousness is different or changing; but believe if you do not have anything nice to say at all then just do not say it.


This is one of the meme’s that I see a lot of.  Maybe it is just me, but I feel like it — this is the truth.  I follow people on social networks and if something they say or post, I do not like or agree with I continue through my timeline.  It doesn’t not effect my day or life.  If they are someone who posts things that seemingly do effect me, I remove them from my feed.  No harm or foul on either of our parts.  I have looked at some settings on social media and on Instagram it distinctly states join regards to reporting a post these choices “I don’t like this photo.  This photo is spam or a scam.  This photo puts people at risk.  This photo shouldn’t be on Instagram.”  There is also the option when reporting someone “I believe this account violates Instagram’s community guidelines.”

To me this is something that becomes a hard thing to do.  It becomes all about the opinion of someone else.  Their morals.  Their beliefs.  No one should be subjected to having to be damned our differences.

The difficult thing about social networks is that you can do the things that it is meant to do.  You can connect with old and new friends.  You can find likeminded people.  There is good that can come out of them.  Like having the ability to find out an artist is having a secret concert, see great things that your friends are up to and more.

There are also the darkness of it all.  Like cyber bullying because someone is not like you.  Being rude and disrespectful on photographs of children.  Threatening the lives of many.  We live in a country the free.  Yet, our freedom is taken for granted by many.  No one really respects one another.  Everyone judges everyone.  Many do not support.

I almost wonder everyday, were we better without the invention of social networks.  We love it but it’s so addictive, fun and a way to escape the daily but it can possibly be painful at the same time.

Tell me what is your opinion of social networks.  Do you think it’s a gift and a curse?  Have you had bad experiences?


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