Good-bye Roommate

A good friend is a good friend.  It is hard to say good bye to them.

A great roommate, is a great roommate.  When you leave them, though it will be hard you will stay in contact and hope for the best for them.

Well, my previous roommate was not a friend or a great or good roommate.  I decided to end our contract last month.  I had another birthday and I spent more time outside of the house then in it.  It was nicer to not be home than it was to be there.  I already felt that way but things got worst.  So, I took it upon myself to remove myself.

Just like in any career, intimate and family relationships.  Sometimes you have to excuse yourself from those around you.  They have the ability to kill your aura and block any blessings that are coming your way because you are thinking about the negativity that is surrounding your life.  Living in a space full of stress, negative attitudes and personalities that do not mix can live you (singly or both) struggling more than necessary.

Which, is what I was doing.  I spent most of my time worry bout not running into my roommate.  Not wanting to deal with my roommate in any form.  I hated running into her in the hallway.  Go figure.  We have lived among each other for twenty-two months; basically two years, six months of these months wer good.  The rest…avoiding one another.  There was so much tension in the house that everyone who entered could feel it.

It was an unexpected decision and it all happened really fast.  Within two weeks actually.  But it had to be done.  I am now in a better place where I can get myself together emotionally, mentally and financially.

Now, I say good bye and good riddance to the headache.

I will say this positively, I appreciate that fact that I had somewhere to rest my head for the amount of time that I did when things seemed to be falling a part for me.  There are those who have it worst off then having a bad roommate, that is true.  The emotional turmoil that came along with the lifestyle is not one that I want to deal with ever again.


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