August, Dear August

August, you are here and I cannot believe it.

With you, you bring the reminder of back to school shopping.  The need for new clothes for the new year.  The new school supplies.  For college students it is the reminder to have all of your paperwork in to have your course paid for and that you have all the courses you wanted or needed for the upcoming fall.  For so many it is time to realize that you have to get your last bit of vacation in because soon it will all be over.  The long summer nights.  The days of 90 degree weather.

The community pools, the ice cream and icee man exciting children and adults the same because they knew they were in for a tasty treat.

The lifeguards no longer have to sit out on swimming in the perfect temperature water.  They can take the time to finally enjoy themselves and the extra money they earned.  Those family members that you either are said to see go or couldn’t wait to leave are on their way back to their humble abode.

There will be a sense of quietness.

Then there will be the recognizing of the last summer holiday…Labor Day.  August, as your days go by we know that we get closer to that holiday.  Then it all becomes a memory.  Another summer — come and gone.

Be good to us August.  May your weather be sunny and beautiful with a breeze.

I do have something wonderful that you have brought me.  NO MORE ROOMMATE!!  August so far so good.


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