Oh can you tell that I have some goodies.  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with NARS on a little project for an event.  I had so much fun that day.  Nothing like it, I tell you.  They gave me and working partner a parting gift.  A goodie bag full of beauty candy.  Now let’s dig in:

The Eyes:


This Duo Eyeshadow named EURYDICE

EURYDICE, features a deep purple (which is not brought out in the picture, sorry) and a silver – gray shadow with flecks of blue.



PASIPHAE, a single shadow of green color with a golden brown undertone.  On my skin it shimmers which is better than glitter.  The green appears more which I have no problem with.  It is a dual intensity shadow.



TOILETS, a single shadow of beautiful intense golden brown. It brightens up my eyes and though is like a neutral on my warm skin…it is highly visible.



TRANSVAAL, A multi purpose product in a deep gray color.  It can be used either as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow.

The Cheek:



Do not judge the name of the product.  It is a lovely peach pink color but on the skin (my skin) it is a light coral.  Which is actually the first color blush I got when I was 16 years old.


Sixties Fan

Sixties Fan

SIXTIES FAN — a deep wine color lip gloss with intensity.  Most color glosses disappear but this one is there; and it is long lasting.  I had two but my grandmother loved the color and took one.  It is not sticky, like most long lasting color intense lip glosses I have tried.

The Nails:

These Nail Polish comes with a cap over the cap.  I love it because it keeps it child safe.  My little cousin, who is two, tried to open it and since she didn’t think to pull it off she just twisted it.  I love that!!



SOUP CAN — a lovely red.  I love me a good red.  My birthday is in July and my birthstone is a ruby.  I have always loved red.  This red is no different.  It is not a teen pop red, but not a stuffy red.  It is a mature red.  One that I can happily wear any time of the year.  Red is not just a fall or Christmas color.

Night Breed

Night Breed

NIGHT BREED — imagine a night out.  the bright lights, the DJ plays all the right music the whole night.  You look amazing.  There is no drama the whole night.  It is just perfect and memorable with a night sky full of stars.  Yes, I’m a city girl and still know what that is. That is this nail polish.  The base color is black topped with shimmer.  It is not too much, just enough.

I have had so much fun just playing in this stuff. Thanks NARS for the opportunity to help you guys out and the great swag.



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  1. […] but shimmery, which is what I wanted.  I am not a teenager anymore.  As previously state in my Thanks Nars post.  The shimmer instead of glitter gives for a great reflection when light fits your eye. […]


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