Monday Motivation…Doing It Without Support.

You have a dream, a desire, to build something of your own.  Something that is all yours.  You can’t wait to tell all your friends and family because you know they will think that it is an amazing idea and you HAVE to go for it.  

Instead you get the response that you aren’t capable to handle it.  They think that you cannot do it.  They try to downplay it as though it cannot be done — by you. 

What do you do?

This thought came to mind over the weekend, but was touched on by a post by a wonderful beauty YouTuber I follow named Jackie Aina (youtube makeupgameonpoint).    

The things that I want to accomplished are not supported by most of those around me because if seems impossible for me to do.  The steps I am willing to take seem to be to ambitious.  Or they blatantly just think I cannot do it.  Which use to hurt my heart.

Now, I am my biggest supporter.  The doubt, and those not supporting me are my motivation because they make me want to do it for myself.  Not to prove to them that I could do it.  But just to show myself that I can make every dream, goal and aspiration I have possible. 

I will accomplish all of my goals.

How can you do it?

  1. Stop Self Doubt:  You have the ability to do everything that you can put your mind to.  You are intelligent.  You are beyond capable.  And the things that come to mind are not set to put you down but to push yourself higher.
  2. Stop Negative Thinking: “It won’t work out.”  “This is all wrong.”  Not everything is going to work out perfectlly the first time.  But negatively thinking about the things that you want to do is you just falling for the things that those who negatively talk about you say.  You have to believe it, believe in yourself.  Get al that negativity “I can’t, It won’t, etc” out now. Positivity always works.
  3. Don’t Fear Failure:  Being successful takes time.  It takes a few blocks, high walls and slammed doors.  Just beacause you fail going at it one way, doesn’t mean that the next way you take will be your failure. Fearing failure is like fearing success.  Failure should push you just like success, make it motivate you to push til you get to where you want to be.

You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce

I do have the same hours and like her I plan to go big.



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