Hi, Caitlyn Jenner

Vanity Fair: July 2015 Cover with Caitlyn Jenner (p.k.a. Bruce Jenner)  *P.K.A; Previously Known As.

Vanity Fair: July 2015 Cover with Caitlyn Jenner (p.k.a. Bruce Jenner)
*P.K.A; Previously Known As.

In a time where we are still fighting to have realized that #alllivesmatter, there are people who still hide behind the shadows of who they are because they are afraid of what they reactions will be.  Especially, if they are in the public eye.

These last few months, I have watched every interview with Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce Jenner) talking about becoming “her”.  There I remember hearing her talk about so much of how she would hide things, even while being filmed for the hit reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  I felt a sense of sadness because all of her life, she was hidden behind stone walls.  The stone walls being a body that, for lack of a better word, just was not the right one.  I also felt a sense of joy because now, she could be herself.  She could love who she was openly.  Live happily, without the stresses of hiding behind the shadows anymore.  In Caitlyn’s case, literally in the closet.

636dede48a2ce5150cec5b6b279eea5eI could remember during the Diane Sawyer interview, how the ponytail was removed and their was this sense of relief on her face.  There was no one telling her to pull it back or to cut it.  I could also remember the children being supportive of her.  Like Kendall stating that she could remember seeing her dad as “her” for the first time, and her dad never knowing or seeing her, she also was saying that she felt bad that her dad had to wait until it was late at night and thought that everyone was sleeping to be who he really was.

Now, she can be her.  Regardless of the outside world, her family supports and loves her just the same.  So I would like to say hello to Ms. Caitlyn Jenner it is fabulous to meet you.  Let’s show respect to her as we want respect towards ourselves.

**BTW: Congratulations to Kanye, Kim and North on the expansion of your family.  Baby #2 on Board.


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