Monday Motivation: Fantasizing Children

You are a great image of tomorrow.

As you all know, I graduated last week.  I know I am beyond excited.  

That day, I did what I always do.  I wore my cap and gown ALL DAY and it was hot.  But I always have my reasons.  Why not, I worked hard to get to that point — so of course I would wear it. I personalized it all and loved the compliments that I got on it.  And the one that I love the most.  The look on children face when they see me.  They go “Wow”.  Some say “Congratulations!”.  Some say to their parents, “Mommy will I get one of those?”

Hearing and seeing kids response to being in that cap and gown is the most beautiful thing.  Whether they take a different path later on in life.  I know in that moment that they saw me, they wanted to be me.  They wanted more in their life.  In that moment I was the role model that parents wanted their kids to see, especially in my community.  Not that none of us go on to higher education, but the fact that they do not get to see us walk around in our cap and gown. 

This year, I had a man and wife walk up to me and say, “It is a beautiful thing to see a beautiful young woman like yourself wearing this cap and gown today.  Be proud.  You know that you have worked hard and I am sure that you deserve it.  You are a great image for tomorrow.”  Without even knowing me.  I was a great image for tomorrow.  

For some, it may be too much.  Being a positive, realistic influence is what I look to do.  That working hard, you can achieve everything that you strive for.  

My motivation is the look on their face.  The desire to get to my level.  Plus, their faces are so cute when they are saying “Wow”.


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