Oh 2015, you have not let me down so far this year.  I mean things have not been perfect but there has been a sense of smoothness to it.  Now, it is my favorite time of the year, SUMMER.  In a few days I will really be able to celebrate it and MY BIRTHDAY!!

Let’s hope that you bring a new job as a gift too.  

The sun is beating, the fans and air conditioners are pumping.  All the pretty clothes have been shaked out and are ready to be worn.  Another amazing thing about you this year — you come right after I celebrate my second Bachelors degree.  OH, I love you and all the heat that you bring. 

Being joy to all of us out here.  May all communities get to enjoy it and not have to deal with anything negative.  Summer be great!  I promise to be great to you, use you wisely and create memories for years; no decades to come. 



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