Two Days From Tuesday

Two days from Tuesday will be commencement day.  It will be the day that I finally say farewell to my for higher education institution, or plainly my college.  I will not be going back there to get my Master’s degree.  I will be working on working, to get out of this city.

Two day from now will be a hot spring/summer day with a possible chance of rain.  I consider the possibility of rain to be the tears that some of us will shed as we take those finals steps on to the campus in our cap and gowns.  No longer inexperienced freshmen, or scared of what is to come.  Instead we are men and women, about to take over the world and all that it will have to offer.

Great things are coming and I am sure that we are al ready for it, even if we are a little unknowing.  That is what makes it exciting.

Congratulations to all of the Class of 2015 graduates.  I am super proud and you should be too.  Let’s take over!!


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