My Gilmore Girls Moment


Today, I watched Gilmore Girls episode of Rory graduating from Yale.  I love that show.  It always makes me cry.  Every time that I have watched it, it has been because of a different reason for where I am in my life.

The original air date was after I graduated high school.  It was inspiring to me.  Gave me something to look forward to.  Then it aired (I caught it) again, I was graduating with my first degree.  I was hyped about it.  I was ready to hear Pomp and Circumstance March play and walk across campus.  I didn’t take video last time, so I will take some this time, not of the speeches but of the graduates and campus.

Any who, today it aired again.  And as I watched it I started to tear.  My second commencement is next Thursday and I got all my cap and gown and accessories for that day.  It made me emotional.  This time because seeing Lorelai (mom) watching her daughter walk across the stage.  The last graduation my parents were at was my high school.  I had to ask my father to go.  My mom came against doctors orders.

Other than that I haven’t had many instances where my family was being supportive.  Rory always had the amazing support of her family.  Regardless of what choices she was making.  I have always dreamed of having a Gilmore Girls moment.  Or at least a little bit of the Gilmore Girls relationship.  Next week I will be graduating again and one of my best friends is going with me.

Watching these last two episodes touch my heart because of their relationship, the proudness that her mother has for her every moment in life.  The risks that her mother takes to support her and make sure that she has the best of the best in life, in order to achieve all the things that she desires.  The series end with Rory going on the campaign trail with then Sen. Barack Obama (hilarious).  Though, she is a fictional character, I have always been a little jealous of her.

I have been strong enough to do it on my own, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to be supported.  I love my Gilmore Girls moments.

I am just being a little emotional with graduation coming up. Excuse me. LoL




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  2. Such an inspiring show, I rewatch it all the time because I really love the relationship Rory and Lorelei have! Congrats on your graduation! 🙂


    1. I do too! I love love love that show and the amazing bond they have. And thank you very much!


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