My Final Finals Week(?)


This week is my final finals week.  I will be completing this second degree. Or can I say that I have completed this degree.  Since it is finals and all.  I have worked so hard for this degree.  The reason that I can say this is because there has been a lot of painful mess going on in my life these last two years.  Which is the amount of time this degree has taken.  Yes, I have a Bachelor’s degree that only took two years.  I did all of this with so much of my life going completely haywire and taking themselves out of my hands.

Now, I have made it.  I am a graduating senior.  All of the requirements have been done.  I have handed in most of the work necessary for the courses.  Now it is time to take the final steps across campus as a student to take these finals.  Just two.  The others I have finished at home and will be sending out tomorrow.  This way I have time to make sure I am not crossing my subjects LoL.

After class tomorrow I will be cleaning out all of my notebooks.  I will be removing all textbooks away from my visual.  I will be steaming my cap and gown.  Yes, I am going to purchase it after taking those final steps out of that last classroom.  I steam my cap and gown twice, when I take it out of the plastic and the night before.

I already have my outfit, actually I have had it for about a month.  It is a dress that I have had just needed a reason to wear it.  I have a cute little purse.  My hair appointment is set.  I am just so ready.

These finals are the last thing.  There is a reason for the question mark though in my headline.  It has a lot to do with the educational decisions that I may or may not be making in the next few months.

These may not be my last finals…maybe.

Wish me luck.


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