Motivation Monday…Getting Out of Here!!

Misery Loves Company. Don’t Be That Company

As I told you guys earlier this month I have put myself on a #positivechallenge.  No matter what was going on in my life I wouldn’t allow anything to dampen my mood, make me feel a strong sense of anger or just stopping myself from being happy.  I can admit that this challenge has been harder than it seems.  In the beginning it was relativiely simple, but it was as if those that are around me noticed my joy and started to try to push me back down to a level of anxiety, anger, frustration, irritation and ao much more.  I would tell myself “Misery loves company and don’t let that company be you.” It definitely got me through some serious rough patches, where I could almost feel me reacting to it all.  

What really got me through was the thought of not being around these particular people full of negativity much longer.  Now, that does not mean that there are not negative people in the world, but that these negative people would be soon out of sight for me. 

I need to surround myself in a new environment where I can successful and a way from people who look only for the negative in life.

I am looking for happiness, positivity and constant growth.  Those things are beautiful.  Having the abiltity to push through negative to be positive can take a lil time, but it is worth it all.

Getting out of here is the best thing.  Breathing new air is the best way to get a new start. I’ve done it before and it was great for me.  Then I came back 😑.  Now to go back out LoL.  


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