The Big Walk…Commencement

The day that you have worked so hard for.  All those nights that you stayed up till the sun rose or just never slept at all.  To all those days and nights that you wanted to go out but couldn’t because you were cramming for an exam or had a paper due.  For those wild winters where the snow touched your knees and you could not feel your face but you still got up for those 8AM classes.  For all the professors who did not speak perfect English so it was hard to understand but you still passed the course, some random way.


You started off so excited, you got to your final year wondering when the year would be over now it is all weeks away, not even a month away.  It is time to take your graduation photos.  Time to pick up the pictures for your family and friends.  It is time to prepare everything that you know to take your finals.  It is almost time to take that last look at your campus.


You have succeeded at something that some people did not make it through for one reason or another.  They are just as proud of you as you are.  It is time to figure out the outfit to wear, where do you want to go eat or vacation after graduation.  That is the most amazing thing about this huge accomplishment.  What does all of this mean?  You are a college graduate!

You can hear the traditional music playing.  You can picture moving your tassel and throwing your cap when they announce your class.

These are the feelings that I am having right now as I prepare for commencement in a few weeks.  I have a design for my cap already.  But there are things that are just out of our control.  I will be a graduate and I have accomplished this.  Two degrees in two years.  Amazing!

To all the graduates of school whether primary, high school or college I am proud of you.  You have completed something great.  Continue to do great things.  Where the cap and gown proudly.  Look at that cap and gown before you put it on.  You worked hard to get to put that on.  Cherish it.


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