Motivation Monday…My Sisters

I have eight little sisters.  I look at the mothers of us all (including my mom) and I feel that there needs to be a change.  The past cannot be repeated.  This is why my sisters are my motivation.  Everyday I try to do things that I know will create a new path for them.  They need to know that we do not have to follow the paths that were set prior.  Why should we have to?

You can create something new by following the same paths of those whom came before us.  Especially if they are unhappy with the life that they are living.  Though change can happen at any age, they chose to stay in the misery that they are in.  They say that they want us to do and be something different.  Yet, they never gave us some sort of guidance to try things.  I had to learn by going through things on my own.  I use my experience to help them.  Whether they are trying to accomplish something that I have or to do better at something than me.  I want to provide them with tools for a better tomorrow.

Even if it is just something that I research for them to help them understand what they are deciding to get themselves into.

My sisters are my motivation because they need to know that we do not have to be women who worry about relationships with men more than we have to worry about the rest of our lives.  That we do not have to be abused mentally, emotionally and physically.  We do not have to lay down and forget the dreams that we have.  Everything, anything is reachable.  I want them to always know that.  So conversations with them when they say ‘i am so proud of you’, ‘you are a great big sister’ and ‘i look up to you’ — I want them to look at themselves for inspiration to create something wonderful.

My sisters are beautiful beings that are going to impact the future.  If that starts with me saying “Follow your hearts, dreams and goals” then that is what I will do.


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