Oh May…

Hello May.  How are you my dear.  With you comes things of beauty and happiness and I am sure that you do not even know it.

Today is the first which for many means rent (which does include me).  But you also mean that the beautiful things that are to come in 27 days.  That would be the amazing process that we all call COMMENCEMENT.  Yes, it has been another great two years at my alma mater Brooklyn College and now it is time to say farewell to it for good.  In just a little more than three weeks I will be done with school — well at least this one anyway.

In two weeks I will be done with this unfabulous experience that I am calling my internship.  It was not one that I would have expected or hoped it to be, but I will happily not deal with the company that I was interning with.  They were just not my cup of tea.

Oh dear May you also bring with you the beautiful weather and the flowers that us folks here in the big city needs.  Maybe it will make some people attitudes better since they wonderfully beautiful things surrounding them.

This month, though I have been working hard at maintaining a positive mentality I will work on thirty days of #purehappiness.  I will leave all the negative thoughts behind me.  Though it is very possible that things will not be as positive as I will assume them to be, I will remind myself that the negative always has a positive.

Oh May, maybe I will also keep glorious things around me like flowers.  I will definitely be working on keeping things like that in my area.  Beautiful things for beautiful inspiration can only create more beautiful things.  I go this.

Thank you May.  I accept your presence and I am looking forward to everything.


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