Switch Gears…Six Month Celebration

I need some serious positivity in my life and I am going to make it come for the end of this April month.

This month my baby has reached six months.  And over six months I have noticed so much about what I have written about.  How I write.  How I work to get my post up.  The importance that my blog has in my life.  I have always felt that I would say so much, start talking in a crowded room and no one would listen or pay attention.  This blog and you guys, my friends and readers have proved that this is so far from the truth.  With that being sad I want to talk about six posts from the past six months that I believe mean so much.  This is going to be hard, because everything that I write has a meaning — obviously LOL.

Here we go!  I will start from the beginning to the most recent.

1.    118b499e4019f6adb218d7f3c71b8e08  Who Says Women Can’t.  This baby was all about those women in primetime television who were the protagonist in the storyline and not the women who sat in the background with a few lines.  They were strong positioned characters.  Characters that we would want our daughters and sisters to see.  Though they were still wives and mothers their talents and smarts were the front runners.  They didn’t not allow the men in their careers and families to decide what they would do.  They handled it.

2.    f84b9c80443e9272d51db101e5385411  Who Have You Helped Lately?  This pose was all about the way that I give back and the love that I have for giving back.  I love giving back through the children because I want to see them be success in everything that they are looking to work on.  I want them to build a better tomorrow for themselves.  I want to actually look to the past and say how things have changed for the better.  I want them to be able to say that there are people who stand by your side through life and mean to do it.  I want them to remember that when they were down on their luck there was someone or a group of people who were there to help them through their struggle.  I hope to be able to help them until I am in my eternal sleep.  Shoot, I am planning now for things to do.

3.   IMG_4896  Farewell Wishes.  This January, my dance community had to say goodbye to our matriarch.  We knew that she was ill but we knew that the day was getting closer.  It was also the day that we hoped would never come.  Then it did.  We all bid our farewell to her.  She has known me since I was in my moms stomach and she was a true lady.  It is weird to think that it has been just over three months already.  We know that she will always be watching over our girls as they dance and there will always be a burning candle for her in our heart.  This made me tear up.

4.   letter-to-me  Letters To Myself.  See, I told you that I get personal.  I was thinking to myself how I have missed out on a lot of letters that you learn from your mother.  Not because I don’t have a mother, but because I was taken from her early in my life.  I had to teach myself so much from an early age.  I was also my worst enemy.  These letters reminded me of the great things that I have or am planning to have accomplished to the ages of 14, 25 and the ever closing in 30.

5.   IMG_5361  Miss Representation.  In many mediums women are used not for their smarts and talents but for the beauty in their face and body.  This is something that I do not want any of my little sisters to believe is the way to live.  I definitely do not want any of my baby cousins to think that way either.  On my Instagram account for the blog I posted images that speak volumes for the misrepresentation of women in our society.  How we do not become Astronauts, a part of the Leadership, or other positions because we are taught to be pretty and to stand over there.  we like science, math and politics just as much (sometimes more) as men do.  We can have impact.  This post pertains to the documentary Miss Representation.  You should not only check out the post but you should also check out the documentary as well.

IMG_54256.  Black Lives Matter Conversation.  This post is the most recent and the post emotional.  It is something that is strongly effecting our country.  The lives of young people; men and women, are being lost due to ridiculous violence.  It is especially painful that they are being done by people who are supposed to be there to protect us.  It makes us feel as though we are monsters.  We are not seen as people.  This feeling leads to conversations in our households to tell our children that they must be careful outside in the world.  There is an unfortunate target placed on them before they have done anything.  That they must always leave their hands out of their pockets.  Try not to wear a hood even if you are a bit cold.  The rules that some would say are ridiculous, are the extra set of rules we have to teach in hopes that it will get you home safely everyday.

Those are my six for the past six months.  That was hard to pick.  There are over 100 posts I think.  I have been doing this for six months, started with daily post, went down to three times a week.  To a break here and there but I have always made my voice loud.  Check these six out and check out more.

Thank you guys for reading.  I am looking forward to reading more of your work.  Hopefully I will get to start up Featured Friday again to keep this blogging community going.  I miss reading four and more post a day.  You guys are amazing!

Stay with me.  I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.



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