Black Lives Matter Conversation

This is not about blaming anyone or making this about race because I believe that all lives matter.  This is about conversations that are had by many parents today with their children.  Well, mostly minority parents having with their children.  There is always that cliche to state what year it is in order to make a point as to why something should not be happening.  For instance the last five years there have been so many lives taken by unnecessary violence towards men and women of all ages; more harshly towards those in the minority communities.  I do not need to use the last five years as an example because it is something that has been a conversation for too long.  There needs to be a change in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  I am old enough to remember hearing, no watching, stories on the news about things like Baltimore.  I could remember hearing my friends parents talking to them about being safe in the street.  Not just in our community but with everyone.  I could remember my brother being fourteen and running in the street with his friend in the middle of the day during his school break.  A cop thought that he was doing something suspicious and four police officers ran up to him and pinned him against the wall.  Someone who knew who he was came to the house and told us.  I had to go downstairs and talk to the police.  One officer was drunk and aggressive, the others were “kind”.  My brother was 14, 6’2 and ducking behind a tree while he hid from his friend playing.  They just wanted to make sure he was not doing anything illegal – like robbery.  I told them that I could understand the actions but that he was a child.  They apologized to my brother and they apologized for their colleague.  One even asked if I wanted to file a complaint about his actions.  But there is still that conversation that you have to have because your son, nephew, brother life matters to you and your family.


This conversation is one that we are having to have to have now.  It is something that is damming.  This is not just about the men either.  Women are targeted as well.  It is not just about the police officers, it is about everyone who does not know us but has a presumption as to who we are because of where we are from, the color of our skin, our names, or even the look on our faces as we walk down the street.  We are not monsters.  We are all human.  We all have blood running through our veins.  We all have hopes of being profitable citizens in society.  We do not aim to be oppressed but are placed in oppression.  This also is true for those who have been fortunate in their lives.  There is always that look of wonder in your neighbors eyes.  Even if you are in the same bracket as they are, have the same job and maybe even the same education.

FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-9

I am a female, African-American, raised in Brooklyn, with two college degrees and the desire to build my own business while giving back to the community through charity and our children.  But the first thing that many people may see is that I am African-American, they assume that I have children (though I love the kids), am in the system, do not have any education and just live with no ambition.  That is probably why people are surprised when I tell them my story.  That I am not what is considered a “statistic”.  I do not judge those whom are considered such either.  I know many who are considered “statistics” who are working to building their future, one their children can be proud of while getting assistance, while working full time and being a student part time.  They are working hard to beat the system that could be said to be against us beating it.  Our President cannot get respect.  The newly appointed Attorney General, first African-American female Attorney General Loretta Lynch will most likely have daggers thrown to her back and her face.

Newly appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Newly appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

As there are protest, many nonviolent, filled with people of different races…or those whom are considered enemies…


We are still being approached like animals with shields used as weapons against those whom are unarmed…

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-4

Until conversations like this stop happening…


We will continue to have the conversations about our lives mattering.  To many it is a broken record about race — when what it really is a story passed down about survival.




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