Motivation Monday…The Classroom

I love to learn.

I love to having the ability to be around people who are learning along with me.  We are hitting on theories.  Learning why things work the way that they work.  Hearing the reason that someone chose to make a system.  Is exciting.

Then I have those classes that are with people younger than me who have not experienced much in life.  I am not saying that that is because of their age, but by the comments that they make while we are in class.

They have so much more life to live with so many more experiences to have. It is an amazing thing to see.  It makes me want to work harder for the future.  Not just for my success but the success of those to come after me.  I hear a lot that I am a sort of role model to some young people, I want to make sure that I am a positive influence for them.  I want to make sure that I am motivation to realize that it is okay to not be perfect but to work for what it is that you are trying to do.

It is even more so with the way that things are happening today.  Young people who have worked hard to get to college are not making it because of another person.  The classroom is something that many of us use to get out of the circumstances we are accustomed too.  We want a way to something better or just something new.  Some just want to build up their own success.  I want all of them.  And I definitely want all of that for the those to come.

The classroom is my motivation for a better tomorrow to move on from the past.



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