Miss Representation


Why are women always seen as a problem when we are in power?  There was no issue when we took over the household and the labor during World War II while the men were gone.  We proved that we could do the work just as well or even better than the men.  Yet, in society we are shown to only be child bearers, cooks, wives, and teachers – and most definitely a sex object.

During my blog hiatus, I found a film/documentary titled Miss Representation.  I found it months ago and said to myself that I would watch it and I finally did.  As a woman, as an African American woman in America, I know the struggles that come with both.  I guess some would say I was born with two pegs in my feet to keep me “stuck”.

The 1960’s we (women) worked so hard to achieve the notion that we are more than those subjects.  One of the biggest being the 1978 march of Equal Rights Amendment that had over 100,000 march in agreement.

The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women.  It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians. -Pat Robertson

Women’s lib is a total assault on the role of the American woman as a wife and mother and on the family  as the basic unit of society.  -Phyllis Schlafly

Conversations, comments like these are what killed the Equal Rights Movements almost ten years later.  We are subjected to the thoughts that we are nothing more than a sub servant in society.

Is this something that we want to be known as?  Over the last few decades we could believe that the standard has gotten worst.  Many women in entertainment today are seen as a sex symbol because they base all of their work on what supposedly sells.  And sadly it is sex.

The sad thing is that these entertainers are influencing many of our young girls today.  They use the excuse that they are using their ability to show their sexuality and shouldn’t be judged.  They say that they are just expressing themselves without the thought of who they influence.  Then there are also entertainers who say that they do not do what they do to influence women but because they want to.  Yet, they do not realize that though they intent is not to influence, the young girls of the world are watching and they are influencing them.

We want them to realize that they can do more than worry about what size they wear in jeans.  How their hair looks, does it flow in the wind.

Miss Representation talks about the fact that so little women hold positions that do not revolve around being pretty — but our smarts and abilities.  That we have to step up if we want to see the difference that we talk about all the time.  To have an impact we have to create one.


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