Back to Basics…Real Rap

Hey you guys.  Don’t worry I am not about to start throwing down rhymes.  I just want to have a real conversation really quickly.

Last October I started this blog as a way to reach out to people while I went through my crazy regular life.  It was a great way to release some of the thoughts that I had on my mind and maybe something that I could not have a conversation with anyone else about, so I said it out loud.

Then lately as I have been trying to complete this degree this semester I have made it like it was a business instead of an outlet to speak to the world.  Which is what it was meant to me.  It was meant to be a way to reach out and possibly touch and inspire people in any way that I can even if it was just through one sentence.

I thought about this the other day when I was thinking about what to write.  I put it on a list of things to do like it was something was a burden or stressing my mind.  That is not what it is and it is not what it should be considered.  I will get back to what it all used to be about.  Starting this very day.  I promise to be as open, honest and heartfelt in my writing as I used to be.  I will make this “lifestyle” blog about life.  Come a long with me back on that journey as i write about the things that matter.  The real things that we all may think about from time to time, or someone you know may think about.

Let’s have a real conversation.  Let’s really connect.  I hope that you have a great weekend everyone.  Looking forward to the week to come.


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