California Dreaming

OB-SESSED (In my best Rachel Zoe impression)

For years I have been wanting to be on the other side of the country.  Not because of the celebrity, hello I live in New York.  But because it is the opposite of everything that is here for me, personally.

I have had people say to me, “Well, the grass is not always greener on the other side.”  I notice that they believe that this will make me appreciate what I have here more, maybe so much that I’ll decide to stay.  I then remind them that I have never under appreciated what I have here in this great city.  I love the city itself, but I need to be out of this city.  Be away from the people I know.  This is so much of a comfort zone that I feel a sense of being stuck here.

I feel like I am hurting myself by staying.  I took time to move out of the state before, and I thrived when I did.  That was because I had to.  The push was there.  in order to reach potentials you have to do something that you normally would not do.  No matter how scary that may seem.  Nothing is scary here.

This is not just about California (though this is my dream), but if I chose to go anywhere I need to be inspired.  i need something that will push me to have to be successful.  I need to begin a new chapter.  Matter of fact.  I want to create a new book.  Leave all the past in the past and use the new environment to bring all things new.  I will have the ability to take things in positively.

I have watched a show on FYI called My City’s Just Not That Into Me, I love the idea of the show.  I can remember one participant stating on the show the city they lived in they had been there all their life.  They felt like they were in a stale place by staying.  I don’t want to be stale with my city.  Get me to California so I can stop dreaming.


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