What Is To Come? Blessings

What is there to come?

I would tell you that I know 100% what is going to come for me.  But I cannot.  I did not create my life plan at birth, but I know that I am looking forward to whatever is coming.

In what some would consider a short life, there has been a lot of situations that could have torn me down to such a low point that I probably would no longer be here.  Instead, I take each scenario as a life lesson.  I take it as a workout that will only make me stronger.  It makes me work harder.

This can definitely be seen in the last month of my personal life.  I have let a lot of people in my life go.  People who have been in my life since childhood are no longer in my contacts.  I actually disconnected one of my social networks.  I am trying to create a major life change.  It leads to me making large changes.  Not about burning bridges but realizing that I am on a path that cannot be hindered because of the people that I may be trying to hold no, regardless of what type of relationship we have.

Many of these changes will take place after the completion of this degree.  Which is now weeks away.

What is to come?  I do not know.  I am just ready for it to come.  Day by day, I know that the harder the day, the bigger the blessing coming will be.  Positive vibes.



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