“Why Are You So Nice?”

Why are you so nice?

Is a question that I ask a lot and is a question that is asked to me a lot.

I ask that question a lot because there are times when I wonder why someone is being particularly very nice to me.  It has a lot to do with many people coming around with ulterior motives for things.  Yes, I am a genuinely kind person and people do take advantage of that.  There are people who now even in my older age that come to me and try to be my friend in order to get something out of it.  I recently had to remove someone from my life who had been there almost ten years because I noticed, acknowledged and removed them from my life.  (Review my post Smaller Circles).

This has happened throughout my life with friends and family.  I just have come to the conclusion that as much as i may care or love someone but letting them go is a part of life.  I have to let them go.

Then I look at what I have done to wonder why people ask me why am I so nice. Then I realize that it may be for the same reason.  We all have trust issues, we have all been hurt and we look for the ulterior motives of those around us to make sure that we don’t get hurt.  So we automatically ask or wonder to ourselves why.  

When did it become weird for people to be nice to one another?  Then we all do this things where once we wonder we sit back and wait for them to do something to prove that they are backstabbing.  Yeah, we all do it.  Even people who are genuinely kind at heart.  It is not because we cannot be nice, but it is because of the experiences that many of us had.

Well, for me that is why.  Moving or running away from people will not change that feeling, but I have come to the choice that I will always be kind to other people.  If they are come into my life I will accept them, but as soon as they show me that they have motives that are there to hurt me I will happily and easily remove them, without any hesitation.

I will no longer ask why someone is so nice.  I will just accept their kindness as I would hope they would accept mines.

Kindness is truly a virtue.



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