Feature Friday 6

I have NO social as I finish this semester.  Regardless of all the roadblocks that are trying to make this the hardest thing for me to do, it will not work.  But with that being said, you guys have been my “social”.  i learn so much and meet so many great new people by doing things like this my FEATURE FRIDAYS.  So, thought they have been sparse…okay non-existing the last two weeks I still have been doing my reading of you guys post.  This week though I am going to pick a post about a drone that was found flying on White House grounds.  I found this post on FOX6NOW.com page.

The reason that I found this post eye catching is because in my media law class I am writing a paper on the California Paparazzi Laws.  I have come to find that in California for the sake of all Californians there airs are a no drone fly zone.  Unless you are government agencies or police who have a warrant for the activity.  I learned in the post that the gentlemen who was flying the drone lost control of the drone, had no idea where it had landed and there were and they will be no action taken against him.  He did apologize about it.  He did admit that it was his.  He also called in to give full disclosure about the whole ordeal.

Now, I am all about a man and his plane, but WHY are drones seen as toys?  Did I miss that?  Maybe, because I thought about all the bad that they can be I never saw the aspect of it being a toy.  This is me trying to not be a professional  communicator (my professor would be so proud).  Is that now why we have our own blogs?

Any way, the reason that I found it interesting is because if this accident or incident occurred in California the ease of no prosecution would not have happened.  It would have probably been seen as suspicious and there would be an investigation (which there is one about the White House) and some ramification because the law that it is illegal to fly them.  I thought about it all with the information of my research project, class lessons and the coincidence of what has happened.

What do you think?  Let’s have a conversation about this.  I am all ears to positive discussion on the drone discussion.  Check out the full story on FOX6NOW post, on their news site or just do some serious research on your own.


Tell me your thoughts

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