School Update

Who would’ve thought that it would take so much time for six weeks to go by.  It made school and other life events seem very very slow and unappealing.  The weather didn’t help either.

Let’s talk what has been up since then, shall we.

I had a random test that I was nowhere near prepared for.  Snow storms have cancelled classes or messed up transportation.  Though I have been keeping up with my blogs, I have been bogged down with readings from all five of my courses.  It has been keeping me up at night, like no joke, I have been missing sleep.  My anemia has kicked in rapidly and it did a number on me.

All books that I have purchased to try to read on a personal note are now going to have to wait until finals.  Yeah, that is another seven weeks not including this week and Spring Break.  You would probably think ‘why not use Spring Break to do those things?’,  because I already know that I will have exams to do after that break, presentations to get ready, and take home midterms that need to be handed in after they are done.

I am definitely taking an education break after this degree is done.  Like two years.  My brain is hurting and exhausted with everything that I am trying to do.  Plus, I need to get more experience in my field than I have been getting part time with me being in school.

I have been working on just that, applying to new positions and doing more writing specifically tendered to the things that I am learning but my studies have been taking up all of my brain space.  I am even almost not in the mood to go to graduation.  At this point I just want to get my diploma in my hand and be done.

School has been completely everything in my life.  I have been enjoying the many things that I have been learning, mostly, most of it overlaps into my other classes which is a good thing — but there are those classes that I do not think will have anything to do with what I will be working on in the near future.  We all say that about the math classes we had write.

I will say this many things that I have been working on in school has truly made me love what it is that I am working on doing.  You gotta love what you are doing to do 100% right.  Oh, and that internship that I was so into, may not be what it once was.  That is all I can say about that topic.

In a nutshell, school has been the murderer of my social life…again.  But I know it will all be worth it, because I still have so much planned for life.


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