House of Cards, My Netflix Love

No, it’s you that’s not enough

-Claire Underwood, House of Cards

Have you ever seen the show House of Cards?  Well, I have.  I have seen all three seasons of the show.  The third season just premiered on Friday, the 27th.  I binged watched it on the 28th.  If you do watch it and have not had the chance to catch it, don’t worry this is not a review or any spoilers.  I am just writing my complete thought of the series this season.  Maybe not a complete thought, because if it was a complete thought it would be everything.  There was just something that I have realized over watching the entire series (Seasons 1-3) when it comes to the relationship of Francis and Claire.

It is something that I noticed from the very beginning but it came to ahead this season.  It is the manipulative treatment of Claire.  Francis, Frank, had the ability to make everyone around him feel as though they meant something to him.  That the things that he may have asked them to do when benefit all of those involved.  Yet, the minute that they may have had their own personal views on the matter they became expendable to his life and they no longer mattered.

The discussion that the pair had been together for 28 years was a part of the plot.  Where things were made more apparent to her the condition of her marriage to her through the eyes of other people.  These people may not have known that this is what they were doing but it set a fire.

But without me you are nothing

– Francis ‘Frank’ Underwood, House of Cards

Throughout the series you see that she has a conscious; which he seems to lack.  She wanted something that she thought she would be fine without as long as she got all of the things that he promised he would do.  Obviously it wasn’t.  Claire let her conscious take its course this season.  She was now tired of being his lap dog that he controlled.  She was tired of him being able to use such lines “But without me you are nothing.”, like he used on her.


He stops out of his office.

I’m not going to New Hampshire.

Yes, you are I’ll see in the car.

I’m leaving you.


–  Francis and Claire ending conversation House of Cards

By the end of this season, I am very very proud of Claire.  She took his thumb off of her.  Francis no longer had control over him.  Claire Underwood was no longer just the First Lady of the United States.

I don’t want to give to much away, but I cannot wait for Season 4!!


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