February Haul

This winter has been a been a bit sad for many (most) of us here up North.  In February, the weekend of Valentine’s Day, we got a slight break for a few hours.  I didn’t have a Valentines this year, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get any treats.  I took myself shopping — both online and in my beautiful.  I wanted to wait until I had all of my pieces before I posted about it (the online stuff).  Now that I do I will make this quick.

Brooklyn Jewelgasm

A Brooklyn based jeweler.  I had been watching her post on IG (@brooklynjewelgasm) and I always wanted to get something.  Then she posted about this beautiful ring set that was available on her website (www.brooklynjewelgasm.com).  I immediately went on her site and purchased.  And I do mean immediately.  The post went up, and I went on and purchased.  I now have the pieces.  The midi ring set, is simple and gorgeous.  My ten year old cousin even asked when I was “done” with it could she have them.  It is literally called Dainty Chevron Hand Chain & Midi Ring Set.  Dainty…exactly what I was looking for. IMG_0527_FotorMichael Kors

As with my dainty ring set from Brooklyn Jewelgasm, my style has grown to be very dainty, sophisticated, lady like but a tad bit of flair to get your attention.  I desired to add a gold watch to my collection.  I may not be one to wear much jewelry but you cannot go wrong with a banging watch.  Michael Kors had a watch that I had been eyeing for a long time — and I got it.  Slim Runway Gold-Tone Watch and I must say it fits in very lovely LOL.  It is a timeless piece that I am sure will be around my wrist for years to come.  By the way I had amazing assistance at the SoHo store, all of the associates there were very kind.  Great staff.


Alex & Ani

Oh, how I have fallen for this establishment.  As I said previously when I told you about my first Alex & Ani purchase I am looking for ways to look more into the positivity of life.  Yes, these purchases help me.  They are constant reminders, because they are around my arm.  Whenever there is any doubt, I feel myself going backwards — they remind me to continue to believe in me, I am working towards something better and amazing things are in my path.  This time (which will not be my last) I purchased the Path Of Life bangle, which has the meaning of Strength, Motivation and Knowledge.  Also, I purchased the Skeleton Key bangle, which has the meaning Power, Choice and Liberation.  As I am a soon to be grad again and a budding business woman — they have their own meaning and I sure even years from tomorrow they will be there to be my positive energy.  Of course the people in this store were all smiles and positive energy.  I am glad that they are everywhere.


Then there was the biggest purchase…literally.  It was the biggest bag that I carried home.  But it was the main reason that I went out that day.

Tory Burch

I don’t want to repeat myself.  But I believe it spending your “little more” coins on things that timeless because regardless of what year it is, there is no issue about being in style because you have classic style.  Well, that is my appeal on style anyway.  This is what led me to Tory Burch on that winter day.  I got my own piece of the York Collection.  The website says it best Designed for Work, Travel or Days on the Go — come on, I couldn’t see it being any more right.  I purchased the York Buckle Tote.  I am always on the go.  It fits everything perfectly.  Notebooks, laptops, paperwork…life.  I had the opportunity of having the manager assist me in this store.  She was very kind — all of those whom were in the store was kind even the other customers.  Yes, us, New Yorkers are not mean…all the time.


In the end…

I didn’t write about my haul in February to tell about the material things that I have, but that it is okay to do things for yourself.  You have to take care of yourself.  In whatever form that comes to you.  Whether it is to go shopping, get some new books to read, beauty day with no phone, or a weekend get away from all the stresses.  Regardless, do something for yourself.  You work hard, and I am sure that you are taking care of others and their needs.  You are important!!



  1. Loved all of your purchased items! I have the same MK watch in black and gold (I got black as I already had 2 gold watches). Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lara I fell in love with the MK watch. And I appreciate you liking my purchases and my post!!

      Liked by 1 person

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