Smaller Circles

As we all have gotten older there have been changes in our circle of friends.  There are some that we have lost.  There are some that we have gained.  There are some that we may not speak to frequently but we have a silent understanding that we are still friends.

Or is that just for some of us?

Things like this happen because of changing of schools, neighborhoods, states.  Then there are other reasons disagreements, changes in personal views on life and sometimes it is just time.  I know that I can say that I have met many of great people over my life span and I can also tell you that if I got married tomorrow many of them would not be invited.

It is not a bad thing to have a smaller circle, many good things can come from it.  You can pay better attention to yourself.  Get to know yourself and what it is you want.  Not that you are influenced by those around you.  In your group of friends there are always those who think they know what they want, who truly know what they want and then there are those who just wait for something to happen because they aren’t sure.  Why would you want to be the latter?

Having friends who have a dream, goal or any word you want to use for it and are working towards it is amazing.  Having friends who know where you are trying to go and either are willing to support you to get there, are honest enough to help you through decisions.  Those are just a few of the friends that you should be looking for or staying with.  You both know that building anything takes time.  You know that though there may be time in between your next adventure.  There may be some silence because you are working so much.  But there is an understanding that those things do not end your relationship.  They enhance them.

Right now there are things that I have been working on and I have friendships that have ended — not because I have wanted them to but there was just this feeling that I was becoming antisocial.  I guess there are just some people who just don’t get it.

I do miss some of them, but I don’t know what they thought was going to happen when I told them that I had a lot of work to do.  In this time, it has given me the opportunity to look at the things that I have been doing.

Besides the fact that business or work changes, there are just some times where you see friends doing things where you wonder why have been doing this.  You know that there are just things that you do not do.  You know that there are things that are not worth the possible consequences.  Those can be the friendships that hurt because you know that there may not be a good ending for your friend.  Yet, it is something that they have to find out on their own.

I believe the best friendships are the ones where each one of you knows who you are personally.  And everyone supports one another.  Those are the relationships that I am working on.

Did you notice, I did not say anything pertaining to assisting one another succeed because that is not an expectancy of my friends.  Not that I wouldn’t help mines, or except their help.  But it is not a perimeter for being my friend.


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  1. […] I ask that question a lot because there are times when I wonder why someone is being particularly very nice to me.  It has a lot to do with many people coming around with ulterior motives for things.  Yes, I am a genuinely kind person and people do take advantage of that.  There are people who now even in my older age that come to me and try to be my friend in order to get something out of it.  I recently had to remove someone from my life who had been there almost ten years because I noticed, acknowledged and removed them from my life.  (Review my post Smaller Circles). […]


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