Tomorrow, You’re Only A Day Away…


Tomorrow is always right there.  Where do you see yourself tomorrow?

Are you content?

Is there something else that you can imagine yourself doing besides your everyday routine?

Almost everyday there is something that we say we are putting off.  There is something that can wait.  Even if it is something that you truly want to be working on.  Why are you putting it to the side?  You still have no idea what is coming tomorrow.  You don’t know if there is going to be something negative and positive to deal with.

In the famous Annie song the words say “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow.  You’re only a day away.”  For a child looking forward to something to change their life forever that theory is one of significance.  It will get them through to see what will come.

But as an adult are you just waiting with hopes that something will just appear tomorrow to make things better.  That tomorrow there will be something that just falls into your lap to make all of your dreams come true.  I have come to find that that is something of dreamers.  That there is true hard work necessary to make things happen for you.  Things will be hard, rough and seem to be defeating but that does not mean that you lay down and give up on it.

Let tomorrow, you’re only a day away mean that you are ready for tomorrow because of the effort that you put in today.  That you are anxious to see what tomorrow may have for you as a result.


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